COVID-19 information for the Northern Beaches Concert Band

Last significant update 20th July 2020

The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is active in Australia.  To protect our players, our audiences, and the children and staff at the school whose facilities we use for our rehearsals, Northern Beaches Concert Band has decided to cease all activities until further notice.

This means that the following are definitely cancelled:

  • 18 & 25 Mar 2020 rehearsals
  • All April 2020 rehearsal
  • 25 Apr 2020 Harbord Diggers Club ANZAC Day
  • 01, 02 & 03 May 2020 Katoomba workshop (band camp)
  • All May 2020 rehearsals
  • June 2020 Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival and Gala Concert
  • All June 2020 rehearsals
  • All July 2020 rehearsals
  • All August 2020 rehearsals
  • August 2020 Avalon School workshop
  • All September 2020 rehearsals
  • September 2020 NBSWE concert

It is not possible to predict what will happen in later months, but it is quite likely that we will need to cancel part or all of Term 4 as well.

All band members will be contacted as more information becomes available, and rehearsals will not recommence without us making confirmed contact with each member, so don't feel you need to chase committee members for the latest plans for recommencement.

The website will also be updated as more information becomes available, including any information about further cancellations and prospective recommencement dates.  (Information from the Band Association of NSW as at 1st June is that none of their member bands that use school facilities have as yet been allowed to resume rehearsals.)

Most recent information from the Northern Beaches Symphonic Wind Ensemble (NBSWE) is that they plan to resume rehearsals in Term 3.  Your committee will consult with them to get further details and to determine when a restart is feasible for our (slightly older) membership.  Once more information is available, an e-mail will be sent out to all members.

Sarah has produced a practice priority list which has been e-mailed to all band members.  If you didn't receive an e-mail, get in touch with Dave S and I'll send you another copy.  This information has been updated into the website (look for ★ items on the Playouts page).

Also note the "Listen" buttons on the Playouts page for YouTube versions of many of our pieces to play along at home with.

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Results of the recent survey

As at 19th July, we have had 26 responses to the survey, which constitutes more than half our membership.  Answers to the specific questions are below, and some of the free-form responses are summarised.

Q1  Restart rehearsals in Term 4 2020 or in Term 1 2021?
             Result: 73% in favour of Term 4 (19:7)

Q2  Possibility of limited (maximum 10) ensembles?
             Result: 69% in favour (18:8)

Q3  Extend the committee's term until the AGM which will be held when we resume rehearsals?
             Result: 100% in favour (26:0)

Some of the free-form responses:

"My personal opinion is we don’t want to risk any spread.  Let’s just wait until NSW has a handle on community transmission before we get together.  Even if we write off 2020 completely it doesn’t really matter.  There will be no performances for a while."

"My [relative] did a virtual band performance.  Everyone recorded their part on video and then some tech magic happened and it was all put together.  We could do it too.  If Sarah picks a piece and also a YouTube performance of it to follow for timing we could all record our part listening to the YouTube on earphones.  Someone must have time and tech skills to put it together.  Could give us something to work towards.  So I think we try that and wait till NSW has very low community transmission again before meeting."

Webmaster comment: This would require someone with the free time and tech skills (and enthusiasm) to organise and edit the multiple video recordings.  Any volunteers?

"Can we assume that there will be no outdoor gigs (e.g. Narrabeen markets) this year?  On that same thought medical experts are suggesting that most transmission occurs indoors, so is there anywhere outdoors where we might rehearse given appropriate day, time and weather?"

Webmaster comment: The performances in Term 3 are definitely cancelled.  The Narrabeen Christmas Markets are scheduled for 5th December, so are still a possibility.  Obviously, our participation would also rely on our getting back to full rehearsals a reasonable time before that date.

"Just that I'm due in September so realistically I probably couldn't return until mid way through term 4."

Webmaster comment: And a wonderful note on which to end this results section.  Our very best wishes to you and your family, Marina.  ❤️

New members always welcome

Hi, we'd love to have you join us, once we're back.  Our committee remains active and you are welcome to use the contact information at the bottom of the page to get in touch with the secretary and enquire about joining.  See the main page and the rehearsals page for more information.  Get in touch now and we'll contact you to see if we're right for your current playing level, and we can put you on our members' e-mail list, so you'll keep up to date.


For more information, contact David Smart (Secretary) by or phone