Standard playout information (for the information of band members)

Next performance (Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival)

Date:Sunday 23rd June 2019
Location:Pittwater High School
Play:7pm to 9pm

Things to remember

  • Black playout folder [see below for what should be in it]
  • Instrument(s)
  • Uniform ... all black

Black playout folder

Your playout folder should be a black plastic A4 display folder (one of those folders with the clear pockets, available from most $2 shops). The intention is to provide a fairly uniform view of the members' music stands, so keep it on your stand throughout, even if you remove the individual charts to play them.

For the Instrumental Festival concert, your folder should contain the following pieces, in this order:

  1. The Ocean of Fire - Jeremy Bell
  2. Autumn Leaves - Joseph Kosma (arr Larry Clark)
  3. New York 1927 - Warren Barker


For more information, contact David Smart (Secretary) by or phone